2 Easy Ways To Stop Your Kids From Jumping On Their Beds

As those little ones go from babies to children, one of their favourite pass times become jumping on the bed. This works well in a way that it drains their energy and they tire soon, however, there are far more disadvantages to this: the bed’s springs can break, your child might fall off the bed and injure him/herself badly and you can basically hear the “thump” sound all over the house with every jump.

Here are 2 easy ways to trick them into not jumping on their beds anymore.

Get Them A Bed They Love!

Just like your child has an attachment with his or her favourite toy and wouldn’t let anything happen to it, get your child a new bed that he or she would love. Children’s beds come in many colours, types, and designs. Get your son a Cars themed kids single bed, and your daughter a pink princess bed if that’s what they are into. You could even consider kids trundle beds if you realise that your kid is fascinated by the extra storage space under yours. Bunk beds work really well too because they’d generally be scared of jumping on the top bunk and there isn’t enough space for them to jump on the bottom bunk, plus they can have sleepover with bunk beds. Either way, take them shopping and let them pick the bed they want so they create a sense of attachment to it and wouldn’t do it any harm, including jumping on it.

Get Them A Trampoline They Can Jump On!

You still want your child to be able to jump and exhaust all that stored up energy! What’s better than a kids trampoline to do the trick? This will bring more benefits than you know. Your child will be forced to play outdoors in the fresh air, no furniture within the house will break and you don’t have to worry about the constant thumping sound. You can rest easy that there will be lesser injuries as kids trampolines come with a net fence to ensure minimal falls.

They won’t even realise what really happened! For them it’ll feel like they’re getting a new bed and a new trampoline, so they’ll be happy and you get your errands done too!

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