5 Bloggers You Should Be Following

Whether you’re a lover of blogs, or you don’t really get the hype, these bloggers are killing the game. They spend every day creating informative, inspiring and exciting content for their readers, and we’re here to share some that you should be following.

Monique Ceccato – Little Miss Mon Bon
“I started my blog way back in 2009 when I was at university. I went to an interview for an internship role and I had absolutely no idea about any of the things she was quizzing me about – blogs being one of them. Feeling incredibly disheartened about the whole experience (and sure I wasn’t going to get the job) I set about learning about all these things, ready for the next time questions about them cropped up. I signed up to Blogger and started playing around… and here I am 8 years later! Over the 8 years, I have seen my blog grow and flourish from a personal space in which I shared random thoughts and terrible mirror selfies (without my head because I was embarrassed!), to a multi-faceted space that I spend 95% of my time updating and creating for. Finally taking the leap and leaving my full-time marketing roles was the best thing I ever did. I was miserable working for the man, and all of my creative flair had been squished out of me – the blog was the only place in which I could truly be expressive. Now, this is what I spend my time doing. I spend my time creating the things I want to create and I have never looked back!” Find out more about Monique Ceccato by following her on Instagram and Facebook.

Ellen Robbins – The Stylist Mama
“I began my blog when I became a mother to further my career and stay in the fashion and beauty industry, as I was previously an editorial hairdresser! I do it to share my advice on fashion and style, especially for new mothers as well as mums who feel they have lost their identity after becoming a parent!” Find out more about The Stylist Mama and get inspired by following her on Facebook and Instagram.

Skye Gilkeson – Fit Travellers
I am a journalist and Founder and Editor in Chief of The Fit Traveller. I started The Fit Traveller in 2014 while still working full time as a TV journalist but took the leap in 2015, taking The Fit Traveller head on full time while travelling the world for a year or so. Having my own publication and given the type of business The Fit Traveler is has opened up so many challenges, opportunities and experiences for me already. Not to mention the incredible destinations I have already been able to explore and cover for readers. I get to use all of the skills I have developed through other careers and shape my own online content, space and influence using them. I have of course developed The hours are long and it is much more than the many beautiful pictures you’ll see in my Instagram feed but I wouldn’t change anything for the world.” Find out more about Fit Travellers by following them on Facebook and Instagram.

Fi Morrison – Mumma Morrison
“I began my blog back in October 2016, 2 months after my son was born. I initially started as a way of documenting our lives together (as I have an awful memory), however, it quickly flourished into a medium where I could support other new mothers in their motherhood journey. Being on maternity leave, I could invest substantial time and effort into setting up my blog to where it is today, working with brands and businesses to get the support and information out there that mums need. I hope that my blog I will continue to encourage women as they become mothers and provide the information and support they need.” Find out more about Mumma Morrison by following her on Facebook and Instagram.

Alana Huxtable – Entrepreneurial Journey & Holiday House Deals
“I’m an author, blogger and company owner. My blog and book are all about helping entrepreneurs and ‘wantrepreneurs’ start-up and accelerate a business so they can enjoy a life of happiness and balance. Both the book and blog are highly motivational and inspiring and readers have left glowing reviews on my website. You can find my book here. I’m also the founder and director of Holiday House Deals – Australia’s most exciting holiday accommodation platform. Our popularity is soaring and we have a following of over 100,000 people on Facebook alone.” Find out more about Entrepreneurial Journey and Holiday House Deals by following them both on Facebook.

Bloggers are becoming a pretty common occurrence. You can find them writing about interior design, telling you why a new bed frame is the essential focal point for every bedroom, or health bloggers telling you that you can save your back with the help of a mattress topper. Bloggers are the new black, and they’re here to stay.

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