8 Better Ways To Use Your Spare Room

An extra room in your house is considered a luxury these days. So why let it turn into a glorified storage space? Transform your spare room from junk pile to retreat with a practical or relaxing fitout. Here’s 8 ideas for better ways to use your spare room.

1) A practical space

Zoe Gilpin, AKA The DIY Decorator, is an Interior Decorator turned blogger from Perth. She says the best way to avoid creating a junk room is to make sure every room in your house has a purpose; like using it for a guest bedroom or home office.

“Let’s be honest, most of us have that spare room in our home which gathers junk and becomes a bit of an eyesore. One way to avoid this happening in your home is to give the space a purpose. There’s of course the obvious choice which is to make it a guest room. A simple bed, a bedside or two and some accessories such as lamps, scatter cushions and a nice art piece above the bed is all you need to get you started. Another options is a home office. A desk set up with some decorative shelves above and maybe an occasional chair, makes the perfect place for getting some work done. Or why not make the spare room a little place in your home to get away. Add in a sofa bed which can be the couch in your chill out zone, whilst doubling as a bed when guests stay. A TV and bookshelf so that you can switch off and relax. And for a little fun, why not consider a mini bar fridge for that something extra.”
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2) A mini library

Technology allows us to carry a library wherever we go, but can you really replace the feeling of a paperback book? Instead of keeping them stuffed away in boxes or scattered around the whole house, turn your spare room into a reader’s paradise. Find yourself a comfy armchair or turn an ottoman into a window seat and enjoy quiet afternoons with the benefits of a good book. Libraries aren’t just for fiction books either. They’re perfect for housing music or DVD collections, board games and recipe books. Shop MyDeal furniture for interesting bookshelves and seating choices.

3) A home gym

Keeping fit and healthy is fast becoming everyone’s top priority. But staying on track with a new diet and fitness regime is rarely easy. More often, it’s when you reach a comfortable fitness level that you find yourself allowing excuses to slip in and say ‘I’ll go again tomorrow…”. Stay motivated even when you’re a busy bee by bringing some basic exercise equipment into your home. A few free weights, a yoga mat, exercise ball and one or two cardio machines are more than enough to give you a varied workout and fit snugly in your spare room. Always seek professional advice on using new equipment before bringing them into your home to avoid injury.

4) A room for the kids

How do you contain the tornado of toys, games and creative messes left by kids? By giving them the spare room of course. Stifling the tornado means stifling their fun and creativity but you can still maintain a tidy house by giving the kids their own space to let loose. Set them up with kids furniture by MyDeal such as tables, recliner chairs, toy storage and drawers.

5) A room away from the kids

On the other hand, if the whole house is ruled by your kids and you like it that way, try taking back one room for yourself. Fill it with all the adult things that you collected before family life like real leather sofas, expensive artworks and a stylish bar trolley so you can savour a nightcap or glass of vino before bed.

6) Home cinema

We’re spoilt for choice with streaming services and movie downloads these days. If you’re a huge movie buff or enjoy weekly family movie nights, save yourself some cash in the long run with a home cinema setup. All it takes is a solid TV cabinet, plasma screen and some quality surround sound equipment.

7) A space for your passion projects

Creating a studio space is not just for the professionals. Whether it’s art, photography, music or floristry – your spare room is the perfect place to follow your passions. If it’s an artistic or messy passion we suggest finding space for a sink for easy cleanup. Or if there’s chemicals present, like in photography, a safe lockable storage space is ideal.

8) A morning retreat

If your spare room is bathed in natural light in the mornings make the most of it. Give yourself a break from staring at dishes in the kitchen and all the things you could be doing by eating breakfast somewhere else. Keep it simple with some soft dining chairs, a small round table and one or two activities to keep you relaxed. We recommend a sound system to belt out your favourite tunes or morning meditation music.

There’s no end to the possibilities when you’re gifted with a spare room. The only thing to avoid is letting it become ugly, wasted space.

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