a sow & grow update

Last month we brought back the innocent sow and grow to help 200,000 school kids across the UK learn to love healthy food by growing their own veg in school. Now here we are, a few weeks in, and schools are already lost amongst the cress.

There are still a few way that you can get involved. We’re giving away 5000 seed packs to help you get growing at home and you can still head here to be in with a chance of winning. You don’t even need space at home, an old innocent bottle ought to do the trick.

And if you’re a school (not you personally, that wouldn’t make sense) you can still use the hashtag #SowAndGrowUK on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram to enter our weekly competitions where we’re awarding drinks and other prizes. We’ve also got lessons lesson plans here to help out if you need them.

And we’re more than use to animals getting involved with the Big Knit so it’s brilliant to see the tradition carrying on with the sow & grow (with thanks to squidgypigs).

For even more, head to our sow & grow site or let us know through Twitter or Facebook how your growing is going.

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