Away review: An exquisite animated film created entirely by one person

Feature-length animation Away was created solely by film-maker Gints Zilbalodis. The writing, animation and soundtrack are all uncomplicated, and the storytelling is all the better for it, says Simon Ings


18 November 2020

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Away tells the story of a boy pursued by a strange, humanoid figure

Subliminal Films



Gints Zilbalodis

At selected cinemas, with a digital release in early 2021

A BARREN landscape at sun up. From the cords of his deflated parachute, dangling from the twisted branch of a dead tree, a boy slowly wakes to his surroundings, just as a figure appears out of the dawn’s dreamy desert glare. Humanoid but not human, faceless yet inexpressibly sad, the giant figure shambles towards the boy, bends and, though mouthless, tries somehow to swallow him.

The boy unclips himself from his …

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