Bhad Bhabie Is Charging Up To $40K For Promotion On Her Instagram Account

One of the biggest ways to make money now is through social media and Bhad Bhabie is coming for all of her coins, Chile! Lots of celebrities and folks with large followings offer promotional services for other pages and businesses but some folks are raising an eyebrow at Bhabie’s pricing for posts on her page.

In her Instagram story, Bhad Bhabie sends s message to anyone looking to promote on her page, making it clear that she has a hefty price tag attached to a post–up to $40k to be exact.

“Promos on my story start at $20k, promos on my page start at $35k-$40k depending on what’s being promoted,” she says. “My page is a BUSINESS so stop catching a attitude when I say I won’t post for $500. Y’all be calling me stingy but y’all won’t walk into the mall and pick out a $50 shirt but tell the store you only got $5. So they stingy for not selling it to you for what you want to pay…”

Bhad Bhabie’s Instagram following is pretty impressive with 17.5 million followers under her belt. She is also very good at garnering attention through her posts. Whether she be posted up with her boo, getting a new glam look, or promoting her music, people generally flock to her page to find out the tea on her life.

She was recently in the hot seat, and issued an apology to anyone who was offended by a throwback video where she addressed fans who accused her of wanting to be black.

Do y’all think her asking price for promotion is doing too much, Roomies? Let us know in the comments!

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