Braid: Kenney under fire, but selfish Albertans letting us all down

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I asked Kenney if his goal, pushing the infection rate below one, can really be reached with these measures by his deadline date, Dec. 15.

(If each infected person infects less than one other person, the disease will start to decline.)

Yes, he said, that can be done. Otherwise the committee would not have adopted the measures.

But that only works if people comply. Now the government will force them with tickets and fines, which could go up to $100,000 if especially egregious cases are taken to court.

A public health emergency is decreed for the province. Masks are now mandatory in all indoor workplaces in Calgary, Edmonton and surrounding communities.

Students from grades 7 to 12 will be on home-schooling until January.

Restaurants and bars stay open, which seems weird when home social gatherings with outsiders are banned.

But Kenney said only family cohorts can eat in restaurants, although those who live alone can meet with two non-household contacts.

These mandatory constraints on personal social life will be hugely controversial as the holiday season approaches.

Retail establishments can only allow customers to 25 per cent of their capacity under fire regulations.

And here we are after all this, with infections still well over 1,000 a day and trending upward.

If those numbers don’t improve by Dec. 15 there will be sterner action. Kenney didn’t quite say lockdown, but it will be close.

It’s clear now that too many people have been selfish, inconsiderate and dangerous to public health.

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