Deputy Governor of Afghanistan’s Kabul Province Killed in Bomb Blast, Interior Ministry Says

Sputnik International

KABUL (Sputnik) – The deputy governor of Afghanistan’s eastern Kabul province and his secretary were killed in a bomb blast, the Ministry of Interior Affairs confirmed on Tuesday.

“A magnetic bomb exploded on Hamdullah Mohammadi, the deputy governor for Kabul province, today at 9:40 am [05:40 GMT] , in 4th Makrorian [area] of the 9th district of Kabul province. Unfortunately, the deputy governor, along with his secretary, were killed, and two of his bodyguards were injured,” the ministry said in a statement.

No militant group has claimed the responsibility for the explosion.

Violent clashes between the Afghan forces and the radical movement, as well as bomb blasts continue to ravage Afghanistan despite the peace talks between Kabul and the Taliban launched  in Qatar’s capital of Doha in September.

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