DEVELOPING | US Congress certifies Biden’s election after horror protest at the Capitol

Twitter, Facebook freeze Trump accounts as tech giants
respond to storming of US Capitol

Facebook and Snap temporarily locked the accounts of US President Donald Trump
on Wednesday, as tech giants scrambled to crack down on his baseless claims
about the US presidential election amid riots in the capital.

hid and mandated the removal of three of Trump‘s tweets “as a result of
the unprecedented and ongoing violent situation in Washington, D.C.”,
after pro-Trump protesters stormed the US Capitol in an attempt to force
Congress to block the appointment of president-elect Joe Biden.

people died on Capitol grounds in the chaos, including a woman who was shot and
killed inside the building.

president and his allies for months have amplified unsubstantiated claims of
election fraud, driving the organising for the day’s demonstration.

said in a tweet on Wednesday, later taken down by Twitter, that the storming of
the building was a natural response. He also blamed Vice President Mike Pence
for lacking “courage” to pursue the claims of election fraud.

locked Trump’s account until 12 hours after he deletes those tweets and a video
in which he alleged the presidential election was fraudulent and urged
protesters to go home.

If the tweets are not deleted, the account will remain

and YouTube, owned by Alphabet’s Google, likewise removed the video.


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