Fifty People Detained During Anti-Global Security Bill Rally in Paris, Police Confirms


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PARIS, (Sputnik) – At least 50 people were detained in Paris on Saturday during the protest against the controversial global security bill, the Paris Police Prefecture said.

Earlier in the day, French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin said that 24 people were detained before the start of the demonstration for carrying illegal and hazardous objects.

“As of 15.20 [14:20 GMT], 50 arrests were made,” the police wrote on Twitter.

Mass rallies in Paris and other French cities continue for the second week after the adoption of the controversial security bill criminalizing the display and distribution of images of police officers by the French parliament’s lower house last month.

Sputnik / Sputnik

People are taking to the streets to protest against a global security bill

The demonstrations in the French capital have escalated to unrest, triggering violent clashes between protesters and policemen, as well as numerous acts of vandalism.

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This footage portrays police officers closing the street for traffic

Critics of the global security law have said say it may hamper the functions of mass media to cover protests and inform the French population, while also violating freedom of expression. The supporters, on the other hand, claim its main purpose is to provide more protection to security forces, which have been subjected to a series of violent acts over the past months, including the attack on a police unit in a Paris suburb of Champigny-Sur-Marne in mid-October, which prompted protests by police officers demanding better protection from the state.

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