Fox Interview Shows, “Donald Trump Has Come Completely Undone” : Maria Bartiromo

Donald Trump called into Fox Business Network on Thursday morning to do what he does best: rant and rave and howl at the moon.

During a particularly unspooled interview—even by Trump’s standards—with host Maria Bartiromo, Trump unleashed on his favorite fevered topics of the day: Hillary Clinton’s emails, prosecuting his political rivals, the “curse” China put on the U.S., voter fraud, mailmen being indicted, in sum, the most important issues facing the country.

That was all in addition to his patently unsound medical advice about the pandemic. After watching the interview, it’s hard not to come to the conclusion that Trump has come completely undone

Here are some highlights, as it were:

• “China did this. This was all done by China. And we shouldn’t be hurting our workers because China put the curse on.”

 “[FBI Director Chris Wray] has been disappointing. He talks about the voting thing. He doesn’t see the voting ballots as a problem. … They’re cheating all over the place on the ballots, how is that not a problem? That’s a much bigger problem than China or Russia.”

“Biden won’t be president for two months. He’s not mentally capable of being president. Everyone knows that. And this monster that was onstage with Mike Pence last night … this monster … everything she said is a lie.

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