I’ll Never Wear Foundation Again Thanks To This Tinted Moisturizer – Editorialist

Founded by world-renowned celebrity dermatologist Dr. Macrene Alexiades, this luxurious, lightweight formula is honestly the stuff of a beauty lover’s dream. Where other tinted moisturizers have either left my skin too matte and cakey or too dewy and bare to the point of seemingly doing nothing at all, this one strikes that perfect balance. Its luxurious mineral pigments reflect and adapt to your skin tone, making it easy to layer it to your desired level of coverage without ever appearing as if you’re wearing any makeup at all. I like to think of it as an Instagram filter in a bottle, as it has a way of creating that ideal soft-focused, blurred effect that magically hides any imperfections or redness I may be experiencing while still looking and feeling like my natural skin. 

Having become obsessed with my skincare routine (not to mention those pesky fine lines that have started creeping up around my mouth) over these last several months, I also love that this tinted moisturizer doesn’t just look good on my skin but is also helping to improve it with each use. Like a serum, it’s packed with clinically proven plant-derived active ingredients, including green tea extract, hyaluronic acid, and vitamins C and E, that work below the skin’s surface to smooth, hydrate, and brighten the complexion for immediate and long-lasting results. 

I’ve used it for three months now, and I can honestly say my skin has never been happier. Since swapping out my regular foundation for Dr. Macrene’s tinted moisturizer (full disclosure: I also use her High-Performance Face Serum and Face Cream religiously), my skin now appears more even, hydrated, and all-around glowy. I’ve also experienced far fewer breakouts and irritation thanks to the product’s clean, vegan, non-acnegenic, and fragrance-free formula—a must for sensitive, blemish-prone skin types like myself. The price tag may be a bit hefty (it retails for $165), but considering that’s what I was previously spending on all of the different foundations, concealers, and highlighters that it took to achieve this same level of flawless glow, I’d say it’s well worth the spend.  

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