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There has never been a more urgent time to protect our planet.  Study after study shows that we cannot afford to wait to act on climate change, species loss and destruction of our natural world.  Now is the time to use your voice to speak up for nature and people.  

Your voice can make a difference.  Every single action you take in your community can have a real impact on how we meet the needs of Earth and everyone on it. And there’s plenty to do.

Not sure where to start?

  • Learn:  Science shows us the steps we need to take to protect nature now.  Learn what the top conservation issues are to hold your government officials accountable.  Our new Issues Guide is a great place to start. And to stay involved, we invite you to sign up for updates from our Washington state advocacy team – we’ll keep you in the loop with important opportunities to speak up for nature.

  • Share: Help your family and friends understand how high the stakes are for nature and people, and how they can speak up too. 

  • Vote:  Laws and public policies shape the future of our planet. Voting is your way to choose leaders who will champion a sustainable future.  Check your voter registration here – Washington’s online and mail-in voter registration deadline is October 26, and your ballot should arrive in the mail around October 17.

Our elected leaders are there to listen to us – let’s make sure they hear a chorus of voices for nature. Join our united community and do your part to chart a better course forward for the one and only Earth we all share.

We are the protagonists. All of us. We get to decide if people and our planet will have a better future.

Together, our voices are powerful. Let’s use them.

Banner photo by Courtney Baxter. Photos, people and plants: Cameron Karsten
Photos, landscapes: Christopher Ray England (left), Matt Meisenheimer (right)

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