Lionel Messi’s future expected to be resolved in coming hours

Messi’s future expected to be resolved in coming hours; ‘only the entourage’ knows whether he continues at Barca. Messi has made a decision on his future and will announce it shortly. For now, only Messi’s entourage knows the decision the Argentine has made on his future.

A big announcement is coming up.

Messi to Inter? It would be easier to move the Duomo, says Conte
  • Lionel Messi will shortly announce the decision he has made on his future, according to Ole.
  • Sin Concesiones and RadioKanal Barcelona host Miguel Blazquez claims that ‘only the entourage‘ of Leo knows whether he’ll continue his career at Barca.
  • Messi could still leave Barca‘, he suggests.
  • The Argentine’s possible exit is arguably the hottest topic at Barca right now.
  • However, there are no specific rumours pointing out other clubs’ readiness to bid for the 33-year-old.

Do you believe that his departure is possible?

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