Mississippi’s congressional districts saw almost no movement at the presidential level in 2020

Biden did improve on Clinton’s margin in the trio of GOP-held seats, though the shifts mostly came as a result of diminished support for third-party candidates and were far too small to render any Republican incumbents remotely vulnerable. Rep. Trent Kelly’s 1st District in the northern part of the state favored Trump 65-34 after supporting him 65-32 in 2016. Rep. Michael Guest’s 3rd District in southwestern and eastern Mississippi, meanwhile, went for Trump 65-34, compared to 65-32 four years before.

Finally, Trump once again had his best showing in Rep. Steven Palazzo’s 4th District along the Gulf Coast, where his 68-30 victory was only a little smaller than his 69-28 performance from 2016. Republicans had complete control of redistricting in 2012 for the first time since Reconstruction, and they’ll again be in charge after the 2020 census.

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