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Now on google trending search on US Presidential Election 2020 , Time to Explore the US Elections through Search data. Trends data is an indication of curiosity in the subject or candidate. It should not be considered an indication of voter intent

Explore now, how states are searching for the election

Here's a closer look at the 6 states that will decide the next U.S.  president - National |

Google Trends showed more searches for Biden than Trump in Election 2020Elections, anxiety, unemployment, liquor, and Chinese food: Americans‘ top Google searches on Election Day reflect a nation on edge. Google collects data on billions of searches per day, and while far from a perfect picture of reality, its search trends often reflect major cultural moments and sentiments, from celebrity deaths to major sporting and breaking news events.

Ahead of Election Day, millions of Americans turned to Google for information about the candidates, issues, and voting, and on Tuesday, Google’s search trends offered a glimpse into the country’s mood and top priorities.

While the top search globally was unsurprisingly “election,” and the top trending search was “live election results,” Americans also looked for ways to cope with uncertainty around the election, as a winner likely won’t be declared for at least several days as states tally mail-in ballots.Here’s what Americans were most curious about this Election Day, and in the months and weeks leading up to it, according to Google Trends data.

With no winner expected to be declared Tuesday due to some states only just getting started tallying mail-in ballots — as required by those states’ laws — Americans spent Tuesday evening trying to find ways to deal with their uncertainty.

After searches for “anxiety” and “breathing exercises” peaked in mid-October, “anxiety” broke its previous record on Tuesday, prompting the Google Trends team to remind Americans to check in with friends and family to look out for their well-being.

They also looked for comfort food — and drinks — searching most often for “pizza near me,” followed by “Chinese food near me,” “liquor store near me,” “sushi near me,” and “Mexican food near me.” The Google Trends team also tweeted that “liquor store near me” and “fries near me” hit all-time highs.

Donald Trump has carried Ohio and the key battleground state of Iowa, the Associated Press has reported, handing the president an additional 24 electoral votes. While Ohio played a pivotal role in the 2004 election and voted twice for Barack Obama, it has trended increasingly Republican in recent years.

In 2016, Mr Trump carried the state by a margin of more than 8 points. Earlier on Tuesday, Mike DeWine, the state’s Republican governor, had predicted on CNN that Mr Trump would “squeak” out a win in the state thanks to strong support in the traditionally Democratic Ohio Valley. Mr Biden made a final visit to the state on Monday.

Mr Trump also won Iowa, a state he easily carried four years ago. While some pre-election polls had projected Mr Biden winning the state, a final poll by the Des Moines Register had suggested Mr Trump would win the state by a 7-point margin.

The state has been a closely watched race due to its competitive Senate race, where Democrat Teresa Greenfield has been neck-and-neck with Republican incumbent Joni Ernst.

The AP called the race for Ms Ernst at 12:37 am EST. The AP called Minnesota for Mr Biden, awarding the former vice-president 10 electoral votes.

Trump wins crucial swing state of Florida Lauren Fedor Donald Trump has won Florida, the Associated Press called just after 12:30am EST on Wednesday morning

A major electoral victory for the president as he seeks re-election. Florida has 29 electoral college votes, making it the largest battleground by population, and has historically been seen as a bellwether. The victor in 13 of the last 14 elections in Florida has gone on to win the White House.

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