Paraguayan Farmers Urge Government to Purchase Russia’s Sputnik V


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MONTEVIDEO (Sputnik) – The Paraguayan Farmer Movement asked the national government to consider Russian Sputnik V vaccine against COVID-19 due to its quality and affordable price, the group’s head, Belarmino Balbuena, said.

The issue I raised with Minister of the Social Cabinet Hugo Caceres was an intention that they analyze the possibility to buy the Russian vaccine, and he informed me that he would gladly present this opportunity to the ministry,” Balbuena said on Monday.

According to the farmers’ union leader, Russia has carried out “a serious work” in battling the health crisis leveraging its “very successful” scientific background.

“When other vaccines were tested in the US, there were side effects, we know that [the government] is monitoring some vaccines and we believe that Sputnik V is a good option because it is a cheaper, more affordable vaccine and has a good quality,” Balbuena added.

On 11 November Counsellor of the Russian Embassy in Asuncion Igor Varlamovsaid that the Paraguayan government is in contact with Russia regarding the Sputnik V vaccine.

Sputnik V is the first registered vaccine in the world, developed by the Russian Gamaleya research institute. The third phase of trials shows over 95 percent efficacy rate against COVID-19.

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