Q & A with Allison Aumann (@UtterlyOrganised)

Every now and then, we wonder how we could better organise the furniture in our homes or the clothes in our closets.

Who better to give organisation tips than a mum!

Meet Allison, an Australian mummy, wife and an up & coming utterly organised Interior/DIY blogger! For all kinds of chic and trendy yet inexpensive organisation ideas, she is your go-to.

We for one were surely very inspired to be utterly organised after reading her blog and getting to know her a little better. Here’s your shot at it!

What is your name?
Allison Aumann

Tell us a bit about yourself.
I am a ‘30 something’ work at home Mum to three gorgeous kiddos aged 4, 2 and 1 (yes it is crazy!). My loves include: organising, family, friends, fashion, shopping for bargains and I have a real weakness for baking sweet and naughty treats. I absolutely adore mint (the colour) and anything with polka dots!

What is the name of your blog?
Utterly Organised

How did you get into blogging?
Once I started my maternity leave, I felt pangs of loneliness and missed all of the chatter and banter of a busy workplace. As great as being a Mum can be, it can certainly be a tough and lonely gig at times. So I decided to create a blog/social media account so I could interact with individuals once my bubs were asleep! I have made so many amazing ‘virtual’ friends over the years. Not only do I get a kick out of helping readers that come to me for advice, but the advice and ideas that I have received too, have been amazing.

Tell us a bit more about what your social media/ blogs include.
The Utterly Organised blog and social media, covers my love for organising, fashion and bargain shopping. I also share snippets of my life, my home and hope to inspire my readers as opposed to just sending them broke with my shopping finds!

What was the inspiration behind the “get organised” segment of your blog?
I received many emails and messages (which I loved) so I decided to launch a little segment called ‘Ask Allison Anything’. This is where my readers have the opportunity to ask me where to buy a particular item of clothing/shoes, what recipes I use for cupcakes, or about organisational stuff for your life, home, party or anything really!

What is your top tip for organising kids’ rooms and preventing them from getting messy?
We were so fortunate to have created a playroom space in our home when we extended a few years ago. This means that we could limit the mess and chaos in the kids bedroom areas. Our playroom is in an open space smack bang in the middle of our home. I have tried to create a space that is simple, well organised, and uncluttered. This makes it so much easier at the end of the day to restore order. I regularly sort through toys and cull any outgrown, broken or unused toys (when the kids are asleep of course) and try to use a rotational toy system.


What is your favourite cheap, fast and easy dessert recipe?
We love a good frozen banana icecream in our house. It is so easy to make, healthy and affordable too. Simply toss frozen bananas, a dollop of peanut butter, a few dates and blend! It really is just as decadent as ice cream and trust me, as addictive too.

What is your favourite interior trend?
My home features a lot of white – white walls, white furniture, white kitchen, white bathroom. I am very prone to changing my ideas on colour schemes. So by going with white I am able to inject colour and personality into spaces using on trends, affordable accessories and furnishings that can be changed as often as my mind! White is always fresh, bright and happy.

What in your opinion is the worst interior trend ever?
The 90’s! Our home was built in the 90’s and was very much stuck in that era when we moved in. Think salmon carpets and furnishings, suede effect paints and ruche silk curtains (shudder).

You can follow Allison at her Instagram.

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