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Every soon to be Mama is bound to get maternity leave. The first few days are fun, you laze around, you catch up with friends and family and the like. Eventually though, it becomes a little monotonous sitting at home and doing nothing.

We recently spoke to one such Mama who used her maternity leave to start her own Interior and ‘Everything DIY’ Blog – starring her very own lil’ man Louis.

_honeypunch is dedicated to sharing Louis’s moments and building memories – while also sharing great insight into decorating your home be it just the year round reno or setting up your soon to come little one’s room.

This hip Mama very quickly become one of Australia’s most up & coming influential Interior and DIY bloggers and definitely made us scroll back and forth through her instagram in awe.

Read on to get to know our Mama: Angela and score your inspiration from her!

What is your name?

Tell us a bit about yourself.
I’m a new Mum on maternity leave with too much time on my hands!

What is the name of your blog?
My Instagram account is ‘_honeypunch’

How did you get into blogging?
I don’t consider myself a blogger, however with Instagram, it’s something I just started as a new Mum. I started my own account focusing on nursery decor, children’s and home styling. It didn’t take long before I was approached by smalI businesses and now I have a number of businesses which I Brand Rep and do product styling for.

Tell us a bit more about what your social media/ blogs include.
My Instagram account includes, sharing all the things I love from nursery decor, children’s fashion, home decor and posts about the day to day life of a new Mum.

Who is your inspiration?
I don’t draw inspiration from any one person, there are a number of great Instagram accounts that I follow! One of my favourites is ‘@oh.eight.oh.nine’

What is your favourite interior trend?
The trend towards stylish baby items (high chairs, bouncers etc.) which means you no longer have to have ugly baby furniture taking over the house (or want to pack away when you have guests). There are so many great children’s Danish designer furniture brands which compliment the home. Some of my favourites are Bombol, Leander and Stokke, or a great inexpensive Australian brand is Mocka.


What in your opinion is the worst interior trend ever?
I believe this is hard to comment on, as it is all very much to the individual, however I think things can go wrong when you over do or do too much of one thing. Like everything in life you need to have a good balance.

What is your best low cost decoration tip that can make a big impact any your home?
Prints. Most prints can be picked up fairly cheap and can completely transform a space. The great thing about prints is they are inexpensive to change when you get bored of them.

If a member of our audience is looking to redecorate their home – what are the two pieces of decor they should invest in?
Plants, they can always be changed around and can bring life into a dreary room, that is if you can successfully keep them alive!
Art work, I believe choosing artwork for your home shares a sense of who you are and makes a house a home.

What is a colour scheme/style theme that can’t go wrong?
I’m a lover of all things scandi, grey, white and wooden.

You can follow Angela at her Instagram.

Editors Note **

Apply Angela’s interior tips and look for all things scandi, grey, white and wooden for kids furnishings such as kids bunk beds and cribs in our range!

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