QAnon Republican candidate arrested and charged with possession of child pornography

To truly understand how profoundly hypocritical and grotesque the “Q” movement really is, they will sweep this under the rug like they do with any fact or piece of reality or logic that conflicts directly with their convoluted narrative. In recent months, the QAnon folks have used this blanket child trafficking conspiracy theory to argue against COVID-19’s true danger, and the need to overthrow our government and install a billionaire with dozens of sexual assault allegations against him, into power.

Is everyone who believes in QAnon a secret pedophile? No. In fact, I’m sure that the overwhelming majority of people that believe in QAnon are not, and really do worry about child human trafficking and the powers that allow men like Donald Trump and Alexander Acosta to support known pedophiles. But a group that is intensely focused on child human trafficking and is clearly manipulated by logic-free conspiracy theories are a great target for people who pray on such people. That’s not a conspiracy theory. That’s how predators work. Just ask Donald Trump and the MAGA-mites who have given him hundreds of millions of dollars to fight for an imaginary coup.

WGNO reports that the 34-year-old Gibson is an active airman at Barksdale Air Force Base. He was arrested along with 30-year-old Jared Kutz who was also charged with possession. Both men are from Bossier City. Gibson came in last in a four-person race for the Fourth Congressional District of Louisiana a couple of weeks ago, receiving just over 6% of the vote. Republican Mike Johnson held onto his seat easily. 

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