Rolling Ray Previews His New Diss Track “Gun Loaded” In Ongoing Saucy Santana Feud

Roommates, if you thought that things between Rolling Ray and Saucy Santana had died down, you’d be wrong. In the latest round in their ongoing feud, Rolling Ray just gave his fans a preview of his upcoming diss track aimed at Saucy Santana that’s set to drop on Christmas Day.

For the last few weeks, Rolling Ray and Saucy Santana have had the Internet on fire with their antics, as they have repeatedly dragged each other to the amusement of social media. There have been tweets, Instagram posts, videos, alleged diss tracks and now a confirmed diss track courtesy of Rolling Ray.

Taking to his Instagram, Ray posted a snippet of his upcoming song “Gun Loaded”—which is obviously targeting not only Santana, but also all of those who have come for Ray recently. He has decided to drop the track as a Christmas present, as it is scheduled to be officially released on Christmas Day.

As we previously reported, Rolling Ray posted on IG that he believed Saucy Santana’s recent track “Walk” was definitely about him, saying:

“We had a big kahuna trying to walk, tried to walk, because she’s out of breath as it is. I think the liposuction that happened a few months ago is like adding on some built up animosity towards herself so she wants to walk off all the fat that she couldn’t afford to get sucked out…You play too much Rolling Ray.”

Then Ray got serious about his message and said he thought Santana was above releasing a diss track. “You mean to tell me that song wasn’t about Rolling Ray?” he said, adding some additional words for JT of the City Girls who defended Saucy Santana by saying the song was created way before Santana and Ray got into it.


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