Shocking no one, Rand Paul threatens a weekend government shutdown

“I don’t know the answer to that but I’m hopeful that it’s just a short-term thing. We’ll probably be here tomorrow. But I don’t know how much longer. I can’t imagine anybody wants [a shutdown],” Sen. John Cornyn told Politico. Which makes you wonder if Cornyn actually knows Paul. “For the information of all senators, we should expect the potential for a late night tonight and the possibility of votes tomorrow,” McConnell told members Thursday.

Meanwhile, the tough talk from Republicans about standing up to Trump and overriding his veto of the NDAA is starting to crumble, with spineless Republicans trying to have it both ways. Seriously, here’s House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy pretzeling himself, “formally” announcing “Tuesday evening that he was for the annual Pentagon policy bill, before he will turn against the measure that provides pay raises for troops and a list of critical new provisions with overwhelming bipartisan support.” He wants that critical raise of the troops and all the new provisions, but he doesn’t want Trump to be mean to him, so he voted for the bill but is going to vote against the bill when it comes back for a veto override.

“My point has always been, when I became a leader, I would not vote against the president’s veto. I will hold up the president’s veto,” McCarthy told reporters. “We’ve always worked together to make bills better.” That pits him against the Republican Senate. “It’s the most important bill of the year. We’re talking about the equipment we’re gonna have, we’re talking about the number of F-35s, we’re talking about, anyway, it’s all the things that our kids could get,” Sen. James M. Inhofe, chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, said. So that’s fun.

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