Style Tips For Kids & Babies

Being a parent is no easy feat – and sometimes your little one’s fashion is the last thing you have time to think about! But with a few small tips and tricks, you can have your little ones feeling confident and glamorous in outfits that are stylish, functional and comfortable! Read on to find out how to style your kids, toddlers & babies, whether they are playing outside, or headed out with mum and dad to a fancy function.

Bright & Happy Colours

Children begin to develop their own style and taste earlier than you might think! So while you still have a say in their outfit choice, why not encourage them towards bright colours that suit their youthful, playful nature! Whether you’re shopping at the mall or browsing online baby stores, there are no shortage of colourful options, and you are bound to find clothes that match well together that your little ones love.

Comfortable Doesn’t Mean Unfashionable

You may not believe it, but comfort extends beyond just pajamas and loungewear. If you have a day where you’re staying in with the kids, perhaps for some kitchen play or hanging out in the backyard where the children can play on ride on kids cars, it’s understandable that you might not want to have your little ones dressed to the nines. Sometimes experimenting with leggings and sweaters can be just fun as suits and dresses! For babies & toddlers it’s important to remember to be functional, so that their clothes come on and off with ease, especially if you have to change them often!

Think Outside The Box To Save

Sam Williamson from Precious Little One recommends going outside the norm if you want to save money, and still keep your kids stylish.

“There’s no shame in wanting your kids to look good but buying children’s clothes can be expensive. If you’re willing to think outside the box with their fashion, you can not only save money, you can also create a really unique style for them. For example, a large t-shirt for a toddler could double up as a dress for a smaller child. Just make sure that they’ll feel comfortable while they wear it!”

To find out more, look up Precious little One on Twitter and Google Plus.

Always Remember – Quality First!

If you’re going to be spending hard-earned money on things – you want to be sure they are worth it. Investing in good quality kids clothes means you can pass them onto the next lot of kids in the family, donate them to charity or hold on to them in case you decide to add one more to your household someday. Eugenie Pepper, co-owner of Plum, shares her advice on this topic:

“With so much to choose from stick to fabrics that are premium high quality and natural fabrics, such as bamboo, extra soft true knits or cotton jersey. Natural fabrics feel beautiful and soft and luxurious on your baby’s skin.

Think twice before buying those fiddly expensive outfits as they may look adorable in the store but think about what it’s going to take to look after them. Purchase garments that are easy and practical to take care of unless of course it is for a very special occasion or you have a housekeeper that is going to wash and iron all those precious little outfits.”

For more style inspiration, check out Plum Collections on Instagram and Facebook!

Go For Timeless Designs

If you are planning to reuse the clothes you purchase on future babies and kids, timeless designs are the way to go – so your kids will be stylish no matter what year they’re born in. Peta Purcell from Mother+Joey explains their unique fashion label, which does just that:

“We are a proudly Australian fashion label dedicated to twinning for mothers, sons and daughters. Our concept of family fashion is unique and very popular in overseas markets, and we are very excited to bring this idea to Australia.

About mother + joey:

Creating timeless clothing designed with simplicity are our values. We are based in the Hunter Valley, NSW, Australia, with production taking place within a 2 hour radius of our workshop.

Our products are the highest quality, using premium fabrics such as 100% linen, made by professional Australian tailors.

For more details and ideas of our concept visit:”

To find out more, check out mother + joey on Facebook!

Don’t Go Overboard With Accessories

One of the great things about being a kid is the ability to run about freely and play. So make sure you aren’t hindering your little one’s movements with belts, jewellery or uncomfortable shoes. Simple outfits over fussy ones any day! Not to mention with little kids, there is always the danger of them swallowing small items, tripping or injuring themselves in some ways. Simplicity is golden – stick with it!

Whether it’s winter, spring, summer or fall – your little one’s wardrobe can have it all! So start shopping smartly and before you know it your kids will look like they just strolled off a runway!

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