Sustained by the Bounty of Nature — The Nature Conservancy in Washington

This enthusiasm has caused some issues in the state. Overcrowding led to unsafe conditions and temporary closures of parks and beaches. Roads into some national parks have seen serious gridlock. Hiking reports now mention whether trailhead parking was impossibly full and if trails seemed safe for social distancing.

Thankfully, TNC’s work is helping to alleviate such pressures. For example, our transfer of lands from the Central Cascades Forest to the Forest Service protects that land from development and expands public access for recreation. We also played a key role in passage of the Great American Outdoors Act. This bill provides unprecedented long-term funding to sustain and expand parks, from federal lands to urban greenspaces. With your help, we can continue to enjoy Washington’s incredible natural bounty—from our foodstuffs to our scenic treasures—in safe, rewarding ways.

Banner photo the Craven Farms © Rand Peterson

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