Texas Republicans respond to Supreme Court slapdown of sedition, by calling for secession

It’s not like they haven’t made this clear all along.

On Friday evening, the Supreme Court surprised court watchers by hurrying out an evening rejection of the ludicrous case brought by Texas against four other states—states that happened to be won by Joe Biden. Those misinterpreting it as a 7-2 vote failed to read the fine print, because even the two conservative justices whose judicial theory is that all state vs state cases should be heard, didn’t buy into the content of this suit. Texas effort was a absolute loser, and so are all the attorney generals and House Republicans who added their name to this flaming pile of sedition.

The failure of the suit has generated thousands of very satisfying breakdowns on the right. After all, this are people who put their faith in Rudy Giuliani’s team, only to see that go over as well as the luxury suite at Four Seasons Landscaping. Then they latched on to Sidney Powell’s “kraken” only to see it get calamari’d in court over and over. Trump’s efforts to recruit Pennsylvania legislators into simply ignoring the vote there failed. So did multiple efforts to get Georgia officials to toss out the votes and just hand the state to Trump.

On Friday morning, Republicans were passing around memes in which a laser-eyed Amy Coney Barrett burned down the election. On Friday evening, Texas Republicans are ready to leave. Just leave.

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