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You’re becoming quite a celebrity why’s he writing to you if you are justice please do not lie what is the price for your blindeye the hell are you supposed to be?

i’m vengeance Woah this guy’s crazy you’re part of this too How am I part of this you’ll see Welcome back everyone it’s charlie this is going to be my video for the batman trailer they just released the dc fandomit is hardcore there’s a whole bunch of easter eggs they talked a lot aboutwhat’s going on in the movie what his version of batman is going to be likehow it’s different from other versions so we’ll break it all down

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they open with a new reddc movies logo because the official logo of the movie is red it seems like red isa very important color during the movie there’s a bunch ofextended scenes during the trailer where everything goes redusually that’s a metaphor for blood but it can mean a lot of things for thestory and the characters the footage starts with a scene of theriddler binding up his victim and leaving clues for the batman that gordonand the police

the fbi find later after which batman shows up in costumeat the crime scene to work with him they explained that this is going to bebatman year two confirmed but as you can see from a lotof the designs in a lot of the gear it still gives off a very batmanyear one comic book vibe like the riddler for example is notwearing a question mark bedazzled green jacket or top hat hedoesn’t seem very silly if the movie feels even more real worlddown dirty and hardcore than christopher nolan’s batman darkknight trilogy and the whole thing with the aesthetic of the christian balebatman was that they were asking the questionwhat would batman be like in the real world so they tried to make everything feel very real like what would it actually belike

if a billionaire decided to spend his money to fight crime as a vigilanteand from the overall look of the movie in the song that they put on the trailertoo the song they chose to use was nirvana’s something in the way that’llprobably give you guys flashbacks to the 90snew batman movie with robert pattinson seems like it’s going to be even morecrazy and hardcore than previous batman movies matt reeves did say it was meantto be more of a detective movie like a gritty neo-noircrime thriller world’s greatest detective batman as opposed to say benaffleck’s larger than life big action heavy justice league snyder cut batmanthe riddler leaves his message reading no more lies as he starts to leave clueslike comic book riddler

the lies that he’s referring to probably havesomething to do with the current district attorney played by petersarsgaard who claims that his character is a very very bad man in the movie wholies falsifies evidence in order to convict criminalsso it seems like the riddler is actually trying to deal out what he feels like ishis own brand of vigilante justice like part of the voiceovermessage in the trailer says please do not lieand then you look at the newspaper clippings of the district attorney’scases that he’s won in court with lies written in red allover them you get a much better look at the newbatman costume as it’s going to appear in the actual movie as he walks in toinvestigate the crime scene with gordon

it seems more like riot gear that he’sconverted and modified like he’s wearing normal thick boots that you could buy atany regular store on the street really cool batman comic book eastereggs that’ll freak some of you guys out in this greeting card that he leavesbatman there’s a halloween themed owl on the coverthat’s one a huge easter egg for batman the long halloween which the movie islargely based on it’s a big whodunit murder mystery story involving all ofbatman’s biggest villains and the owl is a big court of owl’seaster egg i don’t know if the actual court of owls are going to be featuredduring this first movie but i think this is meant to foreshadow them as villainsin the future batman sequels like the joker playing card from batman beginsheralding his arrival in the next movie

the people that made the batman arkhamseries also just made a brand new batman game called gotham knights and the courtof owls are the main villains of that new gamethe gauntlets that batman has on his armor also kind of seem like thegauntlets that the court of alas talons wear tooi dig all the rhyming that jeffrey wright does as gordon during the trailerfootage just reading the riddler’s message to batman it’s the riddlerthat’s doing all the rhyming gordon is just reading the message to himthis person leading the press conference for the police seems like he’s thecurrent police commissioner who i believe is meant to precedegordon like he might be part of this whole riddler subplot about him tryingto take out corrupt district attorneys in possible corrupt police officerspaving the way for gordon to become commissioner in the eventual sequelsthis footage of batman without his cowalon watching something from adistance this is him riding up in a motorcycle to watch thispolice address to the press this is a scene of him riding through thegraveyard we saw the behind the scenes footage of earlier this year with hisstunt double we also get the voiceover from andycircus’s alfred joking about batman becoming something of a celebrity i feellike every version of alfred in a batman movie has had a version of a scene likethis with their version of batman then there’s him riding into his batcave so the way they cut this scene implies that the entrance to the batcave is in the cemetery or he has to drivethrough the cemetery to get to it that is hardcore but as you can seearound the batcave is way more sparse than ben affleck’s batcave just forexample or other batman’s bat caves that’s just becauseit’s batman year two he will accumulate trophies over timei’m sure more vehicles maybe even a giant penny or a dinosaurat some point this is the scene of the riddler sendinganother message for batman leaving him

another clue but he’s there as brucewayne so he saves this little kid from being run over by this crazy carthe bomb later winds up going off when he’s inside his batman costume thoughwith a riddler message what is the price for your blind eyeimplying that he’s going to make batman sufferif batman doesn’t turn an eye to police corruptionthey kind of in the trailer on that theme too the riddler trying to get thebatman tied up in his quest to get rid ofcorrupt people inside the system as opposed to batman spending most ofhis time running around beating up common criminals on the street like yousee him do elsewhere in the trailer we get our first look at catwomanstealing something from a rich person’s houseit’s hard to tell if this is wayne manor or if this is somewhere else she has aversion of a catwoman suit on but just like batman’s suit it seemslike it’s a beta version for something bigger that’s coming later on hercostume just seems very early version much less refined than other versions ofcatwoman’s suit this just seems like a scene of batmangetting ready to take out some mobsters running a deal at the east side dockswe get a bigger voice over from the riddler who’s using a very batman styletrick of modulating his voice so that it doesn’t sound like pauldano’s voice this is what paul dino looks like but in every time we see himduring the trailer he’s bundled up with his face coveredjust asking batman if you are justice please do not lie

then you get a bigmontage of a bunch of different scenes the gang painted up to look likeskeletons that he fights then him working on the batman costumeand then batman starting a fight inside the police departmentthis seems like footage of the batmobile getting shot up on the streetbatman fighting catwoman to try and stop her from stealing somethingthat’s a scene out of the batman long halloween comic book then you get thatwho are you scene that’s an easter egg for themichael keaton batman 1989 movie very iconic line i think it made it intoall the original trailers for that movie who are you i’m batman except robertpattinson’s batman replies,

i’m vengeance then just proceeds to beathim senseless for a couple more minutes before he stands upand just freaks out all the other gang members who are looking at him in horrorlike what just happened here then he fires up that giant engine in the newbatmobile you get a little footage of him driving it around through a chasescene just crashing through stuff he soaks a gunshot in that chest plateof his you get to see him use the grapplinghook you can kind of tell that they’re trying to give you footageof all the different things and abilities that batman is going to haveduring the movie then you get the official movie logo revealin red they actually revealed this a couple days ago too so it’s not that bigof a surprise but you get that tag scene of him in thebatcave taking the cowl off with a separate voice over probably from adifferent scene of the riddler just telling himthat he’s going to find out very soon how he’s tied up in all thisin the very cool riddler question mark easter eggs for the 2021 release datethe movie’s coming out in october next year close to halloween it’s based onthe long halloween so even though it’s a bummer that it got delayed it wasoriginally coming out in june i feel like it’s also appropriate to release itin october it also gives off a very hardcore vibevery dark version of a batman movie i feltlike i didn’t spot the penguin in any of this trailer footage but if you did oryou spotted any other major batman easter eggs that,

i didn’t mention in thevideo just write them below in the commentsjust to be clear how this connects to everything elsethe movie is not supposed to be connected to the justice league movieslike the justice league snyder cut and robert pattinson’s batmanis not meant to be a younger version of ben affleck’s batman it’s not a prequelmovie or anything like that the movie exists in his own separatecontinuity so when batman shows up in the next justice league movieit’s supposed to be michael keaton’s batman from the multiversethere were a bunch of other trailers including a flash movie teaser with abunch of concept art for michael keaton’s batman withezra miller’s flash so i’ll do breakdowns of all those other trailervideos as long as you have alerts enabled formy channel you should see those videos when i post them everyone just let meknow in the comments what are you most hyped up about for this new version ofthe batman and while you wait for everything clickhere for that brand new wonder woman 1984 trailer videoand click here for all my other dc fandom trailer videos like the justiceleague snyder cut thank you so much for watching everyonestay safe i’ll see you guys tonight!

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