Tony Stark Hidden Lake House Laboratory Location : Fortnite Week

Fortnite’ Tony Stark Hidden Lake House Laboratory Location Week 7 Guide discovered. Given that the area is hidden, many of the game’s Battle Royale faithful may be unaware of its precise location. In this no-nonsense guide, we’ll show you how to find the concealed Stark lab quickly and easily. 

Fortnite Week 7 Challenges

Discovering Tony Stark’s Hidden Lake House Laboratory is just one task on the larger list of Week 7 Challenges to debut in Fortnite on Thursday. Here’s a look at the full list of objectives for those who’ve yet to check out the in-game Challenge Table:

  1. Search Chests at Catty Corner (seven)
  2. Eliminations at Craggy Cliffs (three)
  3. Enter the Vault in Doom’s Domain
  4. Destroy Cobwebs at the Authority (three)
  5. Discover Tony Stark’s hidden Lake House laboratory
  6. Drive a car from Sweaty Sands to Misty Meadows in less than four minutes without getting out
  7. Deal damage after knocking an opponent back with Storm’s Whirlwind Blast (1,000)
  8. Deal damage to opponents at Coral Castle (500)
  • Defeat Wolverine / Damage with Wolverine Claws (200) [Wolverine Challenge]
  • Most of this week’s tasks are pretty self-explanatory, as even Wolverine skin collectors should have defeated Wolverine sometime last week. This time, all you’ve got to do is defeat Wolverine again and then do some damage with the Wolverine Claws he drops. For the most part, Week 7 features a fairly easy group of challenges.
  • Fortnite is available now on PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC and Android.
  • Were you able to discover Tony Stark’s Hidden Lake House Laboratory? Which of the Week 7 Challenges is giving you the most trouble? Tell us in the comments section!

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