Top 5 Time-Saving Beauty Products

If you find yourself reaching into your makeup bag or bathroom cabinet faced with a barrage of products each morning, then it’s time to streamline. We’ve curated our top five most coveted multi-tasking beauty products to save you time and space in your beauty routine.

Matte Cream Contour
Contouring & bronzing your complexion doesn’t have to be a time-consuming affair – invest in a neutral cream contour with a matte finish in a shade or two darker than your complexion. Blend this product into the hollows of your cheekbones, into your hairline and even use it to define your jawline. The best part? This can all be done using your fingertips!

Lip & Cheek Stain
A gel or liquid lip and cheek stain in a universally flattering rosy tone is a must-have makeup bag addition to brighten your complexion in seconds. Bounce the product onto the tops of your cheekbones using a damp sponge for a natural flush, and tap into the centre of your lips for a touch of colour on your pout without worrying about colour transfer later in the day.

All-Rounder Luminiser
Glowy skin has been helpfully bottled for us, so make the most of these cosmetic advancements by adding a cream or liquid highlighter to your regimen. Look for a base with minimal shimmer and a cooler tone to tap onto cheekbones, your Cupid’s bow and anywhere else you’d like a dewy sheen. You can also double down on this product and highlight your arms, legs and collarbones before a night out.

Hydrating Mist
A light, fragrance-free facial mist full of hydrating and refreshing ingredients isn’t just for cooling off at the end of a long day. Use it after your foundation to add a soft sheen and minimise dry patches or cakey foundation, and swipe it on using a cotton round after cleansing as a double-duty toner.

Brow & Eye Definer
We all love classic black eyeliner, but a taupe brown means you’ve got a brow pencil and eyeliner in one! Fill in your brows using gentle upwards strokes, and define your lashline by running the pencil close to the root of the lashes for soft definition that won’t add bulk to your makeup bag!

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