Twitter Temporarily Prevents Users From Liking, Sharing Trump’s Tweets, Reports Say


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US President Donald Trump has been at loggerheads with some of the social media platforms since long before the presidential race. Twitter and Facebook have been repeatedly marking Trump‘s posts as “disputed”, especially when they include criticisms of mail-in voting for its insecurity.

On Saturday, Twitter limited users’ interactions with Trump’s posts. A number of his tweets challenging the election outcome weren’t available for likes and reposts.

The president wrote a series of tweets following the US Supreme Court dismissing the Texas lawsuit that demanded the invalidation of Democratic candidate Joe Biden’s victory in Wisconsin, Michigan, Georgia and Pennsylvania.

Trump called the court’s decision a “great and disgraceful miscarriage of justice” and claimed that Americans were cheated. He pointed out that two of the justices, Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito, have said that they would have allowed Texas to proceed with its bid.

Apart from that, Trump claimed that he “won the election in a landslide.”

After some time, the platform reversed the move but nonetheless left the warning flag about  “disputed” content.

A Twitter spokesperson confirmed to The Hill on Saturday that action was taken against Trump’s tweets.

“We inadvertently took action to limit engagements on the labeled Tweet,” the spokesperson said. “You can now engage with the Tweet, but in line with our Civic Integrity Policy it will continue to be labeled in order to give more contexts for anyone who might see the Tweet,” the spokesperson added.

While major US media outlets have projected Democrat Joe Biden as the winner of the 2020 presidential race, Trump has refused to concede and has launched litigation to contest the election results, which he claimed were rigged with irregularities and fraud.

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