US election latest Update

US President Donald Trump has claimed victory in this election. Although the final results of the November 3 vote have not yet been announced, he declared himself the winner on Wednesday. Trump said in a speech in the East Room of the White House that he would approach the Supreme Court on the vote count.

নির্বাচনে জয় দাবি করে বক্তৃতার দেওয়ার পর ডোনাল্ড ট্রাম্প। পাশে ফার্স্ট লেডি মেলানিয়া। হোয়াইট হাউস, যুক্তরাষ্ট্র

Biden ahead in Wisconsin: Al Jazeera
Biden is slightly ahead in Wisconsin

Trump ahead in Michigan: Al Jazeera
Trump is leading in Michigan with about 6 percent of the vote

Trump ahead in Pennsylvania: Al Jazeera
In Pennsylvania, Trump leads with about 12 percent of the vote

Wisconsin Counts of Votes Left: CNN
A huge number of votes remain to be counted in Wisconsin. Officials say it will take a few more hours for the vote count to be completed

Trump claims victory in White House speech
Donald Trump has claimed victory in a White House speech without any basis. He also questioned the counting of votes in advance.

Biden won an electoral vote in Nebraska
Biden’s electoral victory in Nebraska is seen as important

US President Donald Trump is addressing the nation from the White House. Also present are First Lady Melania Trump, Vice President Mike Pence and Second Lady Karen Pence.

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