USM library science

  1. Our alumni are proficient custodians, documented, and data masters who have a beneficial outcome in their networks the nation over and globally. Our completely online projects incorporate some special highlights: 
  2. No out-of-state charges – online understudies pay a similar educational cost as inhabitants 
  3. No necessary visits to grounds (in spite of the fact that we are glad to see understudies and graduates who drop in for a little while to our excellent grounds and workplaces) 
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  1. English Studies each mid year in London, a discretionary investigation abroad course where understudies may procure 6 elective credit hours 
  2. Classes meet online once every week in virtual study halls where understudies may see, hear, and cooperate with the teachers. 


  • The strategic the School of Library and Information Science (SLIS) is to get ready qualified people for proficient jobs in libraries, chronicles, and other data situations with fitting information and aptitudes to serve the data needs of their networks. 


  • The School of Library and Information Science tries to advance understudy achievement, improve data proficiency, and serve assorted populaces through greatness in educating, exploration, administration, and the utilization of developing innovations. 


The School of Library and Information Science is focused on: 

  1. Understudy focused learning: We are focused on developing a functioning, understudy focused learning network. 
  2. Decent variety and Inclusion: We perceive and esteem the assorted variety of current society and backing comprehensiveness in learning. 
  3. Scholarly opportunity: We grasp the beliefs of scholarly and scholastic opportunity and endeavor to sustain an open, deferential learning condition for the free trade of thoughts. 
  4. Administration: Because we trust it is a center of the calling, we bolster administration at all levels and support progressing proficient advancement as a methods for upgrading aptitudes and information. 
  5. Network: We put stock in making, encouraging, and taking an interest in learning and examination networks that range verges on state, national, and worldwide levels. 
  6. Examination: We accept research is a fundamental piece of grant, for production of new information as well as for help of educating and learning and sharing of new information with various networks of premium.

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