USM Maine library

Portland Campus 

  • The primary piece of the grounds comprises completely of non-private structures. Numerous division workplaces are situated around the border of the grounds community in changed over multi-story homes just as in the significant structures.
  1. The essential scholastic regions at the Portland grounds are business, nursing, history, political theory, financial aspects, human science, science, material science, science, math, English, brain science, media studies, present day and traditional dialects and written works, American and New England studies.[33] The Albert Brenner Glickman Family Library is the fundamental library on the Portland Campus. 
Gorham Learning Commons Construction | USM Libraries | University of  Southern Maine

Gorham Campus 

  1. Luther Bonney, Masterton Hall, and the Science working at USM’s Portland Campus 
  2. Robie Andrews Hall is one of the first Gorham State College structures. It is presently basically a living arrangement corridor with some blended scholastic use on the primary floor. Taken from a 1907 postcard.
  3. Gorham is home to the vast majority of the college’s quarters and serious athletic offices. The essential scholarly zones living in Gorham are mechanical advancements, designing, craftsmanship, music, theater, guiding and training, human studies, topography, ecological sciences, and geosciences.[33] McLellan House, worked in 1773, was gained by Gorham State College in 1966. It was changed over into residences and later into office space.[34] The Academy Building was worked in 1803 and bought by the college in 1878. 
  4. Living arrangement Halls situated on the Gorham grounds include: 

Woodward Hall 

  1. Dickey and Wood Towers: Dickey and Wood Towers were opened in 1970 and once initiated in 1973. They are named after Edna Dickey, who showed history at the college from 1945–1972 just as filling in as Dean of Women from 1945–69 and Esther Wood, who showed sociologies from 1930–1973.[34] USM has proposed retiring the two towers, which as of now have a few empty floors, to spare $400,000 in 2014.
  • Upton Hall and Hastings Hall: Upton Hall and the neighboring Hastings Hall are named after Ethelyn Upton and Mary Hastings, both of whom were noticeable staff. Upton Hall, home of the college healthcenter and Residential Life Office, was opened in 1960. Hastings Hall opened in 1968. Together, the complex can house up to 300 students. 
Gorham Learning Commons Construction | USM Libraries | University of  Southern Maine

Anderson Hall 

  1. Robie Andrews Hall: Robie Hall is named after previous Maine Governor Frederick Robie, who served from 1883 to 1887. It was worked in 1897 to supplant a female-just quarters which had torched in 1894.
  2. Phillipi Hall: Opened in 2001. Philippi corridor additionally houses USM’s new Pioneer Program.
  3. Upperclass Hall (finished fall of 2007)

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