Walmart Gearing Up To Administer COVID-19 Vaccine To Over 5,000 Of Its Pharmacies

#Roommates, after several months of promises and false starts, the highly-anticipated COVID-19 vaccine is finally here and one of the countries largest retailers will be among the first to administer it. Walmart recently announced that its gearing up to officially administer the COVID-19 vaccine at thousands of its local in-house pharmacies across the country.

@Bloomberg reports, Walmart is ready to go, as millions of Americans are willing to take the official COVID-19 vaccine—and the company is currently preparing its more than 5,000 pharmacies across the U.S. to receive the vaccine doses, including adding freezers and dry ice to handle any cold-storage demands it requires.

Additional preparations underway at Walmart and Sam’s Club pharmacies also include creating processes to tell customers when to get their first and second doses of the COVID-19 vaccine and entering agreements with states about administering the shots, according to a statement from Tom Van Gilder, Walmart’s Chief Medical Officer.

Walmart further stated that it’s also “educating our associates about the vaccine, so when they are determined to be eligible, they will understand and be ready to receive the vaccine if they choose.” That statement suggests that Walmart employees will not be required to take the vaccine if they are eligible.

Retailers are gearing up for the logistical challenge of helping to administer vaccines across the U.S. population of about 330 million. This includes lobbying authorities to get access for their employees, who carry more risk than most in contracting COVID-19 because of their public-facing jobs and the need to keep stores open to provide essential goods and services.


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