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No one solution will solve Puget Sound’s water challenges, just as no one solution will solve climate change. The Water 100 Project intends to jump-start a clean water economy in Washington and rapidly test innovative solutions to problems of managing water globally. Like Project Drawdown, the Water 100 Project advocates for a performance-driven approach to water quality, invites engagement and works to bridge the innovation gap.

What Makes the Water 100 Project Different?

Each solution uses a positive, action-oriented framing, focusing on the intended outcome of a clean and resilient Puget Sound, rather than on restrictions or prohibitions. The Water 100 Project list offers a menu of options where strategic engagement could change the course of our shared future.

To keep pace with the urgency of these issues, we are pulling together a team to work on two running tracks:

TRACK 1: BUILD & RANK THE LIST, “Do The Water Math”. In fall 2019, The Nature Conservancy and Puget Sound Partnership convened a group of scientific experts, engineers and conservation practitioners. Together, they generated a list of 100-plus solutions which will be further refined by experts from around the country. Work has now begun to develop a methodology to model and rank the impact of these solutions – borrowing expertise from engineering, performance management, life cycle assessment and water foot printing. When carbon foot printing was developed in the 1990s, it laid the groundwork to mainstream net zero carbon conversations. Water foot printing covers both water quality and quantity but is much further behind in its mainstream use. This initial ‘Water 100 List’ will provide the basis for determining the top 100 most substantive and effective solutions for a clean and resilient Puget Sound.

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