Yellow Island Trees — The Nature Conservancy in Washington

While these trees have experienced so much, what lies ahead in their future? What stories have yet to be written? At the Nature Conservancy, we hope that the trees on Yellow Island will see a twofold process which will guide the stewardship of the island forward. We will use the best science available to determine unique strategies to build a resilient landscape in the face of climate change. We will also elevate indigenous voices in an effort to learn how the Coast Salish stewarded this island in the past. By incorporating science and a wider array of voices and perspectives into the stewardship of the island, our hope is that the trees of Yellow Island will continue to prosper and write new stories within their rings each year.    

* The seven types of trees on Yellow island:   

Arbutus menziesii – Pacific madrone 

Juniperus maritima (=J. scopulorum) – Rocky Mountain juniper 

Salix scouleriana – Scouler’s willow 

Quercus garryana – Garry oak 

Abies grandis – grand fir 

Pinus contorta – Shore pine 

Pseudotsuga menziesii – Douglas fir 

Taxus brevifolia – Pacific yew 

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