Zoe Laverne’s boyfriend Dawson Day says he “couldn’t be happier” after internet criticizes her pregnancy

Zoe Laverne and boyfriend Dawson Day have announced that they are expecting a child, and the internet is losing it.

Netizens are expressing concerns over Zoe Laverne’s history as a groomer and the credibility of the duo as parents. Soon after the TikTok star announced the pregnancy, Dawson Day also released a statement stating that “he couldn’t be happier” despite the criticism the couple has faced.

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How old is Zoe Laverne’s boyfriend Dawson Day, and how long have they been together?

19-year-old Zoe Laverne has been dating fellow TikTok star Dawson Day, 20, since November 2020.

She courted controversy and got accused of grooming and pedophilia after confirming a relationship with a 13-year-old.

Initial reactions from netizens pegged her to have had the child with the 13-year-old, but the internet personality quickly set the record straight that it was with boyfriend Dawson Day.

In a move to show support for his significant other, Dawson Day released a lengthy statement about how thrilled he is about the pregnancy while also taking down the haters.

“Well… we’re expecting! we couldn’t be happier. & for the idiots talking s**t. I am the father. Zoe and Connor didn’t do anything to have a baby. That’s impossible. And if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all. That’s disgusting and a real low blow to talk sh*t about an unborn child. It’s sickening.”

While the couple is in solidarity about their decision to bring a child into the world, the internet does not approve. Many have raised concerns for the child and the controversial couple.

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Published 23 Feb 2021, 12:36 IST

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